English Language Training

English Language Training

We’ll help you communicate more effectively.

At SIAST, we know how important language skills are. They can help you get a job, continue in school, read to your children and make sense of the world. 

SIAST offers English language training to both newcomers to Canada and to individuals who want to improve in English, whether it’s their first or second language. Check out English for Post-Secondary Success, Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) and English as a Second Language (ESL). All three programs will help you improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

English for Post-Secondary Success

SIAST Kelsey Campus, Saskatoon
SIAST Wascana Campus, Regina

This program will help you develop your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. It will prepare you to meet the English language proficiency standards required for admission to - and success in - SIAST post-secondary programs.

Your studies will follow the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB). The CLB describes the different skill levels of adults who are learning English as a second language. There are 12 benchmarks. English for Post-Secondary Success focuses on CLB 6 through 9 and is tailored to match each student’s need.

Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada

SIAST Kelsey Campus, Saskatoon
SIAST Wascana Campus, Regina

If you are an immigrant to Canada, LINC will help you settle into the community and develop your English skills. You’ll spend time in our computer lab, language lab, classrooms and the community. 

LINC is sponsored by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). You can attend LINC if:

  • you have Landed Immigrant status in Canada;
  • CIC officials have assessed your English language skills; and
  • you have been referred by CIC.

LINC is based on the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) 2000: ESL for Literacy Learners, which helps adults who lack literacy skills in their first language. It covers reading, writing and numeracy. LINC is also suitable for ESL students who are literate in a non-Roman alphabet but who need to improve their basic reading and writing skills in English. 

If you qualify for CIC sponsorship, you will not be charged a fee for LINC. Other participants may be eligible to receive the Saskatchewan Provincial Training Allowance.

For more information in Saskatoon, email linckelsey@siast.sk.ca
For more information in Regina, email lincwascana@siast.sk.ca

English as a Second Language (ESL)

SIAST Palliser Campus, Moose Jaw
SIAST Wascana Campus, Regina
SIAST Woodland Campus, Prince Albert

SIAST offers ESL courses to adults who want to improve their English skills for personal development or so they can pursue post-secondary studies or employment opportunities. Each course is 50 hours long.

Students must attend the first class and attend 90 per cent of classes.

To be eligible for these tuition-free courses, students must be:

  • at least 18 years old, and
  • either a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant (international students - those on a student visa - do not qualify).

Students who are currently enrolled in LINC or are on the waitlist for LINC may not register for these courses. However, students who have left LINC or are eligible for LINC but cannot attend due to work commitments may register.

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