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CISCO CNA Semester IV (CNET 104)

Semester 4 students will learn to differentiate between WAN services (LAPB, Frame Relay, ISDN/LAPD, HDLC, PPP and DDR); recognize key Frame Relay terms and features, list commands to configure Frame Relay LMIs, maps and sub-interfaces and to monitor Frame Relay operations in the router; identify PPP operations to encapsulate WAN data on Cisco routers; state a relevant use and context for ISDN networking; identify ISDN protocols, function groups, reference points and channels; describe Cisco’s implementation of ISDN BRI.

Prerequisites: CISCO CNA Semester III

Fee: $1255 (GST and manual included), 70 hours/12 weeks
CRNStart DateLocation
This course will be delivered when the minimum number of students has been reached. To place your name on the interest list or obtain more information call 306-659-4101. You will be contacted to arrange dates and times of the course when there is a sufficient number of interested people.
CRN: TBAJuly 2, 2013 - June 30, 2014
Ongoing registration
Register online, by mail or in Saskatoon
CRN: 03-628February 4, 2014 - April 24, 2014
T&Th, 6:30-9:30
Registration deadline Jan 28
Register online, by mail or in Regina

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