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Systems Project (COSP 191)

You will gain experience in small systems analysis, design and implementation. You will be assigned to groups and given the specifications for a software system. You will work together as a team to develop appropriate documentation and working software. Emphasis is on the software development process. Credit for COSA 195 will be given after successful completion of this course.

Hardware/Software requirements: An up-to-date Windows computer and browser with Microsoft Access 2010 and Microsoft Visio 2010 or Violet (Violet is free). The latest version of Eclipse and Java SDK, both can be downloaded at no charge.

Prerequisites: Database Management, Intermediate Programming, Systems Analysis and Design, Co-requisite(s): Systems Design Review (COSP 190) Pre-requisite(s): Systems Analysis and Design (COSA 190), Database Management (CDBM 190), Intermediate Programming (COSC 190)

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