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The Children’s Place (INTD 1205)

This course focuses on the directed study of ‘Placemaking’ with space to be occupied by infants and/or children. In the transformation of a space to place for an infant, child or children, this course encourages use of the dialogue and design language that describes the playfulness and uniqueness of the individual child, as well as encompass the emotive qualities that aid in the developmental process, stimulate and motivate a child. Through the application of Spatial Analysis, Design Programming, Spatial Planning, Colour Theory, Lighting Fundamentals, Material Applications and Furniture and Object placement, the student will create a thoughtful and practical Interior Design or Decoration Vision and Concept for a child’s space according to their budget. This course is open to the homeowner, commercial business owner and developer for application of a redecoration, renovation or re-design project. All that is required is an open mind and commitment.

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