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Emotional Intelligence for the Workplace (PERS 1624)

Mastering Emotional SMARTS® skills will assist you to: self-manage assertively; behave appropriately with demographically and culturally diverse people; connect well with others; and make effective decisions. Expect to create more meaningful personal and professional relationships and obtain increased results that will benefit you, your organization, and those you care about.

Being emotionally smart is non-negotiable for those who are: managing unrelenting change; providing insightful and visionary leadership; creating high performance teams; generating sales and service; negotiating effectively; or addressing conflict skillfully and confidently.

This ground-breaking workshop uses Dr. June Donaldson’s Emotional SMARTS® Profile to help identify your Emotional SMARTS®. Wendy Turner-Larsen, M.A. M.A., a Regina- based registered psychologist and corporate trainer with Turner Larsen Consulting, will present the Emotional SMARTS® process. This process provides you with the tools to stay grounded, centered and focused so that you can achieve the best results for your time, money, energy, resources and talent. In addition to achieving leadership strategies for your toolkit, you will receive Dr. Donaldson’s best-selling book and extensive participant materials.

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