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Health and Healing 2 (NURS 291)

You will focus on rehabilitative and supportive care within an interdisciplinary team. You will explore palliative and rehabilitative nursing with an emphasis on valuing client self-determination, ecologic approaches and holistic wellness. You will also examine mental health nursing and explore the mental health services available in Saskatchewan. In addition, you will build upon your basic reporting and recording skills. Equivalent course(s): Health and Healing 2 (NURS 239)

Prerequisites: , Anatomy and Physiology 2 (Concurrent), , Practicum 1 (PRAC 162) and Personal and Professional Relationships 2 (NURS 240), Anatomy and Physiology 2 (APHY 262), Administration of Medications (PHAR 264) (concurrent)

This course currently has no offerings.

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