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Facilitation with ICA Associates

SIAST is pleased to have a unique partnership with ICA Associates which allows you to complete a number of their courses with us at a substantial saving. ICA Associates is a facilitation, training and research organization that provides effective participatory skill delivery across Canada. For more information on these classes and other programs, visit or contact Linda O’Halloran at 306-775-7480.

Meetings That Work (FATR 1606)

This course is based on a participatory planning process that leads to action and commitment.

Participants will learn how to design and facilitate effective meetings and agendas using a participatory environment and teamwork. You will be provided with tools to ensure that group decision-making is effective and positive as well as techniques for managing difficult situations and developing a sense of teamwork amongst team members. This course is designed for the person who needs tools to enhance participation and productivity in various types of meetings. Participants should bring a meeting agenda they are currently working on to the workshop. Contact Linda O’Halloran @ (306) 775-7480 or for more information

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Related Courses

Facilitated Planning (FATR 1605)

This course is based on a participatory planning process that leads to action and commitment. Managers, supervisors, and facilitators must enable groups to maximize their potential for strategic thinking and problem-solving. This course demonstrates practical facilitation techniques to get visionary and strategic results. You will learn how to: create a compelling, sustainable vision; identify and manage hidden issues and systemic blockages; shape strategy and strategic directions with a group and inspire innovative action plans that increase implementation effectiveness. ICA’s participatory planning process is unique because it allows you to achieve consensus among participants of diverse cultural, economic and political backgrounds. If you are about to lead strategic planning or design a strategic planning process and want action and results instead of plans that gather dust, this course is a must. Contact Linda O’Halloran @ (306) 775- 7480 or for more information.

Prerequisites: Group Facilitation

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Group Facilitation (FATR 1604)

In this foundation level course for both experienced and new facilitators, you will learn an effective step-by-step process to help clarify discussions, achieve consensus within a group, organize ideas and keep discussion moving. Discover how to facilitate groups more effectively and confidently, develop group decision-making skills, help groups focus on a topic, make meetings more productive, help create a sense of teamwork and focus a diverse group’s energy on a common goal. Learn the Focused Conversation Method which provides a structure for clear dialogue and reflection and the Consensus Workshop Method which engages the participation of each group member and builds an effective team partnership which enables you to lead large groups effectively. Contact Linda O’Halloran @ (306) 775-7480 or for more information.

Check back soon for course offering dates.

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