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Dynamic Web Development

Dynamic Web Development is an advanced certificate program that provides the skill development needed to be proficient in developing sophisticated and interactive web content. Building on skills you developed in the New Media Communications certificate program, you will develop competence in building and implementing dynamically driven websites, online databases, electronic catalogues and e-commerce solutions. Your studies will include:

  • databases (Access and SQL)
  • operating systems (Windows and Linux)
  • server side scripting (PHP)
  • data driven web applications
  • data driven Flash applications
  • e-commerce
  • security

This program is available on a part-time and full-time basis. Students wishing to take the full program in one academic year need to register through SIAST Woodland Campus. For complete program information, check the program page.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) and transfer credit may be options for receiving credit. For further information see the PLAR page or the transfer credit page.


You will learn the principles of AJAX. You will create AJAX enabled web pages to simplify and enhance a variety of web experiences.

Prerequisites: Structured Query Language (SQL), Server Side Scripting 2

Check back soon for course offering dates.

Dynamic Flash Applications (MULT 200)

Using Flash, you will learn how to create effective and media-rich user interfaces for sophisticated web-based applications. You will also learn how to retrieve, display, collect and submit data. You will demonstrate your skills by completing a project.

Fee: $514 Additional costs: Software
CRNStart DateLocation
CRN: 03-376January 6, 2014 - May 24, 2014
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Dynamic Web Project (PROJ 201)

You will have the opportunity to create a significant final project. The project should be a showcase piece that demonstrates a wide range of your strongest skills. You will develop your project topic in consultation with your instructor.

Fee: $351 Additional costs: Software
CRNStart DateLocation
CRN: 03-375January 13, 2014 - April 26, 2014
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E-Commerce (COMP 206)

Your studies will include defining e-commerce, defining interface design issues and researching and evaluating e-commerce solutions. You will plan and develop an e-commerce project.

Prerequisites: Server Side Scripting 2, Server Side Scripting 2

Fee: $434 Additional costs: Text
CRNStart DateLocation
CRN: 03-374January 13, 2014 - April 26, 2014
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Introduction to Database Design (COMP 201)

Good database design is key to a solid and maintainable product. You will learn the theory required to design a database.

Prerequisites: Introduction to Microsoft Access 1

Check back soon for course offering dates.

Introduction to Microsoft Access 1 (COMP 176)

Your studies will focus on the basic features of Microsoft Access. You will create simple tables, queries, forms and reports. You will also modify database elements such as fields and records.

Fee: $193
CRNStart DateLocation

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Operating Systems (COMP 200)

The course content will provide you with the skills needed to understand and perform basic administrative and configuration tasks on common operating systems. You will develop skills regarding file systems, user and group rights, file system permission and common maintenance tasks. Your studies will include Linux.
Equivalent course(s): Advanced Operating Systems (COOS 280)

Fee: $502
CRNStart DateLocation
CRN: 03-369January 6, 2014 - May 24, 2014
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Security (CSEC 200)

You will learn the basic concepts of computer security. The course content includes encryption, firewalls and proxies, authentication and certificates, general security considerations and best practices. You will create a best practices checklist as a practical exercise.
Equivalent course(s): Security (COAP 104)

Check back soon for course offering dates.

Server Side Scripting 1 (COMP 204)

You will develop the skills needed to create server side scripting applications in PHP. The course content includes scripting fundamentals, stateless session management and database connectivity. You will also learn how to integrate server side scripting into GUI based HTML authoring environments.
Equivalent course(s): Internet Programming/Web Apps (COSC 285)

Prerequisites: Structured Query Language (SQL)

Fee: $503
CRNStart DateLocation
CRN: 03-371January 6, 2014 - May 24, 2014
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Server Side Scripting 2 (COMP 205)

You will continue learning skills in server side scripting (PHP). The course content includes integrating server side scripting into GUI-based HTML authoring environments, handling errors and using debugging techniques. You will also receive an introduction to Object Oriented Programming.

Prerequisites: Server Side Scripting 1

Check back soon for course offering dates.

Structured Query Language (SQL) (COMP 202)

You will learn Structured Query Language (SQL). The course content includes accessing and modifying data stored on database servers, concepts related to relationships and proper table design principles.
Equivalent course(s): Intro to Database Management (CDBM 190)

Prerequisites: Introduction to Database Design

Fee: $503
CRNStart DateLocation
CRN: 03-370January 6, 2014 - May 24, 2014
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