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Non-Credit Courses

Spanish Introduction (CLTR 400)

You will develop conversational Spanish at an introductory level. You will learn basic grammar and useful cultural tips to help you interact with Spanish-speaking people.

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Related Courses

Creative Writing (CRWT 1400)

You will learn how to compose and revise your work and where to submit your writing for publication in these informal workshops. In-class writing and individualized encouragement on past or present work will help you remove any blocks and get creative juices flowing.

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Spanish Intermediate (CLTR 1400)

You will study conversational Spanish at an intermediate level. You will develop conversational and grammatical skills.

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Working Smarter - Using Technology to your Advantage Advantage (COAP 1957)

Technology is supposed to make life easier and simpler, but most managers find themselves cleaning up the messes caused by too many gadgets. How do we use technology to our advantage, to work smarter instead of harder? This interactive workshop will provide information to help make your workplace a technology-friendly place. Make the most of computers, telephones, instant messaging, e-mail, contact management applications and scheduling software. Learn how to communicate better with the IT department, set up an IT budget and make the best software and training choices. Discuss the issues to help decide whether or not employees should telecommute and make telecommuting work and much more!

Check back soon for course offering dates.

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