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Communication using Computers

Social Networking and Internet Communication Tools (COAP 1459)

What is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or email? These free internet communication websites have become the most popular medium for people to share their lives through pictures, blogs and videos. You will learn the basic skills needed to connect with friends and family through Facebook, e-mail and YouTube. Learn how to safely keep in touch with the outside world and have fun doing it!

Prerequisites: Basic computer operation

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Related Courses

Internet Introduction (COAP 1948)

This course provides students with an introduction to the concept of the Internet and the opportunity to gain a broad understanding of how the World Wide Web works. You will gain the skills and knowledge required to become proficient at using the Internet Explorer browser, learning how to search for, find and access information on the Web using a variety of different software tools. Hands-on exercises during class will allow you to practice these skills. You will receive a manual for your future reference.

Prerequisites: Prior knowledge of object oriented programming languages (Java is recommended) and some familiarity with the computer science discipline.

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Social Media for Business (COAP 1839)

Learn the role of social networks in business. You cannot afford to close your eyes to the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn, video sites like YouTube, mini blog engines like Twitter – they’ve all emerged in the last three years, and all are nourished by and explosion of users. Learn how you can connect with others in your field for professional development, connect and communicate with your current and potential customers/clients. Participants should have at least basic knowledge of using computers and comfort with using the Internet.

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