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Agriculture Non-Credit Courses

Advancing Your Grain Marketing Strategies (FMMT 1616)

Explore the potential use of the futures market to attain pricing goals and evaluate the types of hedging strategies you can implement within a grain enterprise. You will analyze the use/limitation of commodity options, and how these options can be used to manage risk in your marketing plan.

Prerequisites: Grain Marketing Basics, Introduction, Grain marketing Introduction (FMMT 1609) (suggested)

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Related Courses

AgExpert Analyst, Level 1 (COAP 1739)

This 12 hour, hands-on course is designed to enable you to set up and use a complete set of farm books with the AgExpert Analyst software. You will develop a set of farm books, enter financial and inventory transactions, print reports for management purposes (cash/accrual) and print reports for regulatory reporting (government program participation).

Prerequisites: Basic computer and bookkeeping skills

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AgExpert Analyst, Level 2 (COAP 1740)

This 6 hour, hands-on course is designed to enable you to take advantage of enhanced features in AgExpert Analyst software. You will generate and analyze various reports and tools to support the farm management process, learn to ensure the integrity of data reported from the database to government programs, identify program features to use in your operation and establish a plan for further skills enhancement.

Prerequisites: AgExpert Analyst, Level 1, AgExpert Analyst-Level 1 or a good understanding of AgExpert software

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Field Manager PRO (COAP 1748)

Field Manager PRO software allows you to keep track of all your field and crop details with the flexibility to work from your office or your field. In this two day course you will learn to enter all your agriculture operations and observations: planting, fertilizing, pest control, irrigation, tillage, harvest, GPS waypoints, image and field maps, soil test, weather and more. You can customize your input lists, manage your suppliers, record inventory, track your sales and purchases with Field Manager PRO. You can set up financial plans for your business with Field Manager PRO by entering fixed and variable cost, analyze different crop plans and run crop projections.

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Grain Marketing Basics, Introduction (FMMT 1609)

You will gain a sound understanding of basic grain marketing principles and strategies, enabling you to identify marketing opportunities within you grain enterprise that will increase the returns to you production system. You will gain a better understanding of how grain prices are determined from a regional, national and worldwide perspective and be equipped to improve profit potential when marketing grain commodities. The course will prepare you to take advantage of the pricing options offered by private grain companies and the Canadian Wheat Board.

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