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Women in Trades Exploratory Course (CEXP 1600)

This hands-on course for women offers an introduction to a variety of basic trade skills. Course content includes Automotive Servicing, Building Systems, Carpentry, Machine Shop and Welding. Upon successful completion of the course, you are issued a statement of attendance.

The course provides women with:

  • increased post-secondary training/education and employment potential in trades
  • the opportunity to explore training options in a variety of trades
  • a realistic understanding of the physical, emotional and academic requirements of training/education and employment in trades

Shop sessions include:

  1. Welding - you will learn to assemble and tack weld steel, use assorted shaping methods, as well as use clearning, finishing and cutting tools
  2. Automotive servicing - you will learn to perform a variety of vehicle checks as well as an oil and filter change
  3. Carpentry - you will learn how to frame and erect a wall, repair a hole in drywall and apply sheathing and drywall
  4. Machining - you will learn to use tap and die, cutting, drilling and grinding tools
  5. Building systems - you will learn basic plumbing tasks

For more information about Regina classes contact Anna Kwasnica at or 306-775-7427 and for Saskatoon classes contact Devin West at or (306)659-4863.


Check back soon for course offering dates.

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Confined Space Entry and Rescue Level I and II (SFTY 1413)

This Cansafe Safety certified course prepares candidates to work safely in confined spaces and is ideal for workers, supervisors and safety personnel. Topics include: hazards of confined spaces, preparing for entry, working in confined spaces and post-entry debriefing.

Check back soon for course offering dates.

Ground Disturbance (SFTY 1403)

This is a Global certified course based on the Pipeline Act and Regulations. Students learn the basic legal requirements and expectations through all major aspects of the ground disturbance process. Pre-job preparation, search methods for underground facilities, notification requirements, locating and hand exposure, permitting, crossing agreements, hand exposure requirements, backfill inspections and reporting requirements.

Check back soon for course offering dates.

H2S Alive (SFTY 1400)

This is an ENFORM certified course designed to teach students about the dangers of Hydrogen Sulfide gas and how to anticipate problems before encountering this gas. They learn how to wear Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and how to operate gas detection equipment.

Check back soon for course offering dates.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TRAN 1800)

You will learn about legislation and regulations governing the transportation of dangerous goods including information on classification, safety masks, documentation, safe handling, incident reporting and emergency response.

Check back soon for course offering dates.

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