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Sustainable Tourism

Saskatchewan’s tourism industry is growing – and so is public interest in sustainable tourism. Sustainable Tourism is an applied certificate program that meets the needs of owner/operators in the tourism field who want to enhance their skills and knowledge. For individuals looking at sustainable tourism as a career choice, it provides a general view of the area and allows you to take an in-depth look at a particular region of Saskatchewan.

Selected courses for this program are available through distance learning. For complete program information, check the program page.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) and transfer credit may be options for receiving credit. For further information see the PLAR candidate guide (pdf) or the transfer credit page.

Customer Service and Expectations (TOUR 140)

You will learn who tourists are and what expectations and motivations they have. You will also learn the customer service process and the service standards necessary to provide quality experiences.

Check back soon for course offering dates.

Guiding (TOUR 143)

Your studies will focus on the skills and abilities that guides require. You will learn basic guiding skills and how to plan a tour and the itinerary.

Prerequisites: Environmental Education (ENVR 151)

Check back soon for course offering dates.

Leadership and Group Dynamics (LEAD 180)

Leadership and Group Dynamics is a foundation course. The course introduces you to the theory of leadership and focuses on group processes and the practical application of leadership techniques (including conducting meetings, doing presentations and leading discussions).

Check back soon for course offering dates.

Program Planning (RT 185)

Your studies will focus on understanding concepts, theories, philosophies and benefits associated with recreation and tourism services. You will review and discuss the strategies used to deliver tourism and leisure services in communities. You will receive a comprehensive overview of the steps for planning and strategic development.

Check back soon for course offering dates.

Risk Management (TOUR 142)

The course content will provide an introduction to the issues of legal liability and risk management in the tourism industry.

Check back soon for course offering dates.

Tourism Marketing (TOUR 141)

Your studies will focus on the role, concepts and principles of marketing in a microenvironment. The course content includes developing a marketing plan incorporating a satisfactory marketing mix (product, price, place and promotion). You will understand the role of a marketer with respect to assessing customer needs.

Check back soon for course offering dates.

Work Based Practicum (PRAC 103)

The course provides you with the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills “in the real world” with an existing tourism operation. You will develop an understanding and appreciation of the organization and planning involved in the job search process.

Prerequisites: Completion of all Sustainable Tourism courses

Check back soon for course offering dates.

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