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Advanced Digital Darkroom (PHOT 1637)

You will look at advanced techniques to manipulate, colour correct and enhance your images with Adobe Photoshop. You will learn various design techniques to create multiple image composites. You will also explore RAW image conversion tools and the advantages of working with RAW images.

Prerequisites: Digital Darkroom, Recommended:

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Digital Darkroom (PHOT 1629)

You will look at computer components and software options for operating a digital darkroom. Learn how to import, crop, manipulate, color correct and enhance images using Adobe Photoshop. You will also explore how to catalogue your images and explore techniques to calibrate the components of a digital photographic system.

Prerequisites: Recommended: Photography 1 and 2 Beginner

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Digital Image Editing - Intermediate (PHOT 1404)

Using Adobe Photoshop software, this class will build on the knowledge you developed in the “Introductory” course. You will learn how to use multiple image layers, layer effects/masks, add text and special effects, duo and tri-toning, lighting effects and batch processing.

Prerequisites: Digital Image Editing - Intermediate

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Digital Image Editing - Introduction (PHOT 1403)

Using Adobe Photoshop software, you will build a working knowledge of “navigating” the Photoshop workspace, basic document manipulation, a basic understanding of graphic file types, color modes, color selection, painting tools, and basic selection techniques. You will also learn the use of vector paths, retouching tools, and basic image enhancements.

Prerequisites: Basic skills in computer operation and file management.

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Digital Photography - Intermediate (PHOT 1402)

Want to get the best quality possible out of your digital camera and the files it records? Interested in learning more about what goes on under the hood of your camera? Not afraid of math or computers? If you haven’t been scared off yet, then sign up now! Explore the strange wonders of the histogram, seek out the best sharpening methods and when to use them, learn how big you really can print and more! All this, in a conveniently wrapped two evening package.

Prerequisites: Working knowledge of a camera and computer, a digital reflex (DLSR) camera

Check back soon for course offering dates.

Digital Photography - Introduction (PHOT 1401)

Want to delve deeper into the art of photography than just pointing and shooting? Want to know what both your camera and your vision are capable of? Then this is the class for you. In it, you will learn how to control the many settings on your camera and how to frame the scene creatively in order to match your artistic vision. Topics discussed will include: exposure settings, (aperture, shutter speed, ISO), lens selection (wide angle, normal, telephoto), creative vision (rule of thirds, leading lines, etc), and much more.

Check back soon for course offering dates.

Photography 1 and 2 Beginner (PHOT 1633)

Want to take better pictures with your camera? Want to know what a digital camera can do? Learn how to operate your camera by understanding its modes, menus and creative controls. You will be introduced to the basic principles of exposure, elements of design and creative composition. You can also expand your present skills with photographic assignments and image critique sessions, and have fun, too!

No class Oct 13, Nov 10, Feb 16, Apr 20 and May 18

Fee: $374
CRNStart DateLocation
CRN: 03-760April 6, 2014 - June 22, 2014
Su, 1-4 pm
Register online, by mail or in Regina

Photography 3 and 4 Intermediate (PHOT 1634)

Learn all about creative composition and photojournalism. This class is a more comprehensive study of composition and camera-subject relationships in order to create images with impact and WOW! You will produce a portfolio that can tell a story or convey a message – with emphasis on people, activities, events or peak moments of action, all with emotional impact.

Fee: $374
CRNStart DateLocation
CRN: 03-761April 8, 2014 - June 10, 2014
T, 7-10 pm
Register online, by mail or in Regina

Photography 5 and 6 Advanced (PHOT 1635)

You will be able to explore lighting systems and equipment used in the photography studio and on location. You will look at the principles of light and at creating images using a combination of natural and artificial light for remarkable effects. Develop your skills in setting up equipment, lights, backdrops and props for various situations.

Fee: $400
CRNStart DateLocation
CRN: 03-762April 10, 2014 - June 12, 2014
Th, 7-10 pm
Register online, by mail or in Regina

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