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Creative Landscape Design (GARD 1817)

You will learn strategies to reduce maintenance and to create people-sized spaces on your property. You will learn how to draw to scale your plans for your yard. Your will learn the concept of creating “rooms” and what can go in them. There will be discussion regarding paving stones and wall installations, plant design and more.

Check back soon for course offering dates.

Getting Started - Gardening for Beginners (GARD 1400)

Have you thought about starting a garden, but you just aren’t sure on how to go about it. Or perhaps you have tried with little success. In this class discussion will include gardening basics, including site location, bed preparation, equipment and tools. Focus will then go to plant selection, planting methods and basic care. Also covered will be common pests and some discussion regarding common mistakes made by new gardeners.

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Herbs for Your Home and Garden (GARD 1401)

Fresh herbs are wonderful for creating delicious culinary dishes, as well having health benefits and wonderful aromas. Learn what herbs can be successfully grown in our northern climate. This class will also introduce techniques of herb propagation: seed, cuttings, division and layering. Also learn techniques for harvesting and storing them for later use.

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Patio Gardening (GARD 1402)

Would you like to plant a few vegetables for fresh eating, but you don’t have much time or space? Perhaps Patio Gardening is the answer for you. Come and learn some techniques and ideas for creating some edible green space on your own patio. Then enjoy the color, scents and tastes just outside your back door!

Check back soon for course offering dates.

Perennials in Your Landscape (GARD 1819)

What kinds of perennials best suit your garden? Where should you put them? Learn how to select, plant and place perennials in your garden. You will also gain knowledge about soil preparation, watering, propagation and division, fertilizing and everything you wanted to know about perennials. The class includes a plant list, light requirements and new perennials for 2012. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers.

Check back soon for course offering dates.

Putting Your Garden to Bed (GARD 1818)

Autumn is the time to get your garden ready for winter. This class will look at preparing your whole yard to survive our harsh winter, so you’ll have a beautiful space for spring. We will also cover the treatment and caring of tender plants that can be housed indoors during the winter. The first part of this three hour session will be a talk, followed by a question and answer period.

Check back soon for course offering dates.

Use Containers/Gardening Anywhere (GARD 1805)

You will learn everything you need to know about gardening in containers. Topics will include the type of pot to use and the best planting medium to use in the pot. As well, suitable plants for container growing will be discussed; these will include annuals, perennials and even vegetables. Planting techniques will be explored, as will watering, fertilization and pest control. You will also be presented with ideas for using containers in your landscape.

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Vegetables in Your Landscape (GARD 1820)

Who says flower pots need to grow flowers? This course will teach you how to grow vegetables in confined spaces, including raised beds, pots and in flower beds. Topics will also include soil preparation, fertilization and pest control. And if you would like information about how to grow vegetables in a more traditional vegetable garden, you’ll learn lots about that too. The class includes a list of vegetables that are adaptable to every aspect of gardening and a list of new varieties for 2012.

Check back soon for course offering dates.

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