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Business Marketing

The Business Marketing diploma program provides knowledge and skill development in applying the principles of the major facets of marketing. You will learn how to carry on the essential business of marketing and have opportunities to use your skills, abilities and interests. The program also includes an optional Co-operative Education component, consisting of three consecutive four-month paid work terms. Graduates may obtain advanced standing toward courses leading to university degrees, management certificates and/or professional accounting designations.

Most Canadian universities and colleges recognize transfer credits from the program.

Selected courses for this program are available through distance and/or continuing education course offerings. The program is available full-time at SIAST Palliser Campus in Moose Jaw. For complete program information, check the program page.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) and transfer credit may be options for receiving credit. For further information see the PLAR candidate guide (pdf) or the transfer credit page.

Commercial Law (LAW 220)

Your studies will focus on the field of commercial law. You will examine in detail the concepts of contract law and how these concepts are influenced by various legislative acts and common law. Particular attention will be focused on: tort law, negotiable instruments, secured transactions, insurance, bailments, agency, real property law, employment, sale of goods and the various forms of business organizations.

Fee: $467 Additional costs: Text(s) and required materials
CRNStart DateLocation
CRN: 03-840April 30, 2014 - June 23, 2014
M&W, 7-10 pm
Room: 920
No class on May 19; Midterm exam May 26 (Wascana)
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Design Concepts (MKTG 224)

You will develop marketing materials applying the fundamental principles of design. You will create sales flyers, newsletters, brochures, business forms, and an original Web page using Microsoft Publisher. You will also use a photo editor to enhance and crop pictures digitized through a scanner or digital camera. Your studies will focus on how to apply these principles to the specialized field of marketing.

Check back soon for course offering dates.

E-Business (ADMN 203)

You will become familiar with current and emerging electronic business technologies. You will investigate business models and strategies that online businesses implement to address security, payment systems, marketing and e-procurement. The course will educate a new generation of managers, planners, analysts and programmers in the realities and potential for electronic business.

Check back soon for course offering dates.

Event Planning and Public Relations (MKTG 225)

You will apply the process involved in designing and planning special events including participation in the preparation and execution of a special event. Emphasis will be placed on event goals, the planning process, establishing and maintaining event budgets and contracts, event marketing, and the solicitation of event sponsors. You will also learn basic public relations theory and practice including public relations writing and media relations. You will gain knowledge in the nature of publicity and learn how to get favourable public attention as well as use basic public relations tools such as news releases, interviews, press conferences, e-newsletters and posters.

Check back soon for course offering dates.

Managerial Accounting (ACCT 225)

Your studies will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of managerial accounting. You will examine cost concepts, pricing strategies, manufacturing accounting, cost allocation and budgeting processes. You will be able to select appropriate managerial accounting techniques for decision making

Prerequisites: Introductory Financial Accounting 1

Check back soon for course offering dates.

Marketing Research (223) (MKTG 223)

You will prepare a basic marketing research report using an applied approach and you will have the opportunity to participate in role plays and simulations that have practical application to a career in marketing. You will design different research instruments and compile a research report.

Prerequisites: Marketing

Fee: $573 Additional costs: Books and materials
CRNStart DateLocation
April 21, 2014 - June 23, 2014
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Organizational Behaviour (ADMN 220)

You will study human behaviour in organizations and develop the skills needed to deal with people at work. Course content includes individual behaviour, values, interpersonal relationships and communications, groups and team dynamics, organizational culture, leadership and change. All topics are dealt with in the context of diverse formal organizations.

Fee: $467 45 hours/15 weeks
Additional costs: Books and materials
CRNStart DateLocation
April 21, 2014 - June 23, 2014
Distance refers to online, print, video and home study component

Professional Selling (MKTG 221)

Your studies will focus on a comprehensive study and practice of all aspects of selling in today’s dynamic market including the essential traits of a salesperson, psychological factors, product knowledge, selling aids, making the contact, closing the sale, sales management and selling ethics.

Check back soon for course offering dates.

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